Mental and Spiritual Health

Anxiety, Depression, BiPolar, etc….  Very common diagnoses being handed out these days.  I work in the mental health field and see these symptoms in my clients on a daily basis.  Is medication the answer? How about medication and counseling?  Does that combo work to HEAL?

Isn’t that what we are seeking?  When we hurt, we want to HEAL.  If you put a bandage on a wound that needs stitches and expect healing, does that make sense?

Although medication and counseling can place a bandage on our wounds, there is something that I have learned is the KEY to actually HEALING.  It is our relationship with God.  It is our faith in Jesus Christ and the power of His Blood.  It is our quiet and still listening to the Holy Spirit who can guide us in all walks of life.


The first thing that has to happen is understanding and BELIEVING that there is a God and that He loves us, no matter what.  How do I know this?  I accepted before I KNEW.  I took a leap of faith in the unseen.  I am so very grateful that I listened to that voice inside me that said, “Come. Follow Me.”  So I flew off the cliff and guess what?  He caught me!!!  Then He started showing me, little by little that He is there all the time.  He showed me Jesus Christ through His Word and placed the Holy Spirit in me to help me every second of the day.

The second thing that we must do to heal is to LET Go of all our baggage and to turn it over daily to our Mighty Father in Heaven. What is our baggage?  It’s our hurts and resentments and pain and struggles. It’s our defects of characters.  It’s our spiritual illness.  It’s our SIN.

Finally, we allow God to work on each of the items in that bag that we turned over to His care.  He tells us, “Rest in Him”.  Sometimes it’s minute by minute, praying for Him to help us rest. For me it’s remembering as soon as worry and anxiety starts to creep in to Let Go and Let God take care of this.

I am a counselor and I know that medication and counseling can help. I also KNOW that without God, I can do nothing.  He can guide me towards healing and helping others to heal.  I can do great work WITH Him in charge.  I pray that all the brokenhearted will seek God and start moving down the path towards complete healing.  I pray that God helps me help each wounded soul He places in my path.

He promises in His Word that He HEALS!  Thank You, Father!

Psalm 147:3 ~He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

God loves you, NO MATTER WHAT!

*For more help in walking out steps to healing:




Power in the Blood of Christ

Blood of Christ

Blood of Christ

I have been a Christian a long time.  What does that mean?  Well it means I’ve chosen to follow Christ as my personal savior and redeemer.  I’ve baby stepped my way down that narrow path~ falling, getting off track, resting on the many benches along the way, sitting right down in the middle of it and crying my eyes out, wandering down side roads that I was never meant to wander, getting stuck in ditches, and well, you get the picture.

Lately, I’ve been crying out to the Lord on behalf of some loved ones who are suffering.  I have asked Him to help them and me in the midst of this great and painful storm.  I have wondered why my prayers were not answered.  I have finally asked myself, “What do I need to do/learn in this?”

Amazingly, when I started asking Him to show me what He needed me to do and learn, He answered.  When I asked Him what obedience He needed from me, He moved.  You see, in all of this pain and heartache, I was meant to learn new things to bring me closer to the cross.  I was meant to learn that no matter how He chooses to answer my prayers, I am supposed to turn to the cross, eyes fixed on the sacrifice that Christ made for all of us.

Then He began to teach me about the Power of the Blood of Christ. That blood washes me clean as soon as I ask Him to forgive me for whatever I happen to be doing that moment that is sin. (Remember ~ sin is whatever takes us away from worshiping the Lord and walking the Narrow Path. It’s things we are doing that become idols for us.)

Conviction.  Repentance. Forgiveness.  Cleansing.  Closer to the Cross. Repeat.

The Blood of our Lord and Savior was given up for us, sacrificed so that we may commune with our Lord as cleansed human beings.  We are no longer filthy in the mud of living for ourselves.  We are new men and women, daughters and sons of the KING!  We are covered in His blood and there is no power greater than this!  Alleluia!

If you want to learn more about the Power of the Blood of Christ ~ this is a great place to start.

Thank You, Father for the greatest gift of all!  Amen.



The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? —Psalm 27:1

Let your faith be bigger than your fear!

Let your faith be bigger than your fear!

Fear is a reason for so many of our unhealthy behaviors.  Think about it.  Does fear keep you from resting?  Does it make your heart pound and anxious thoughts go on endlessly in your brain?  Does it make you try to control others?  Does it control you?

Fear can cripple us and it can also push us to make decisions that are unwise and/or harmful.  These choices we make based on our FEAR will affect our relationship with God and others.  It will separate us from communing with Him in peace. It will destroy our relationships.

Do you see the BIG consequence?  We are then NOT loving God and others with all hearts…the most important of all the commandments!

How do we conquer our fear?  We don’t!  We read God’s Word, pray, and seek fellowship and guidance from other Christians.

We ask God to reveal the true nature of our fears to us.  This is Step 4 in 12 Steps of Christ.

We ask God to control our thoughts.

Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; ~2 Corinthians 10:5 (KJV)

 We allow the Holy Spirit to enter our minds as well as our hearts and souls.

And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. ~Philippians 4:7 (KJV)

God help us seek You when we are afraid.  Help us seek You in ALL things.  Doing this helps us live in the eye of life’s storms.  We are grateful.  In Jesus’ name we ask these things.  Amen!

The Daily Verse in

Praying for the Persecuted

Image from Secret Church Blog

Image from Secret Church Blog

I have felt called to pray for persecuted Christians around the world. As always, when I am called, I begin the journey with research. Questions form in my mind.  How can I help?  Who are the people out there in the trenches?  Who is answering the mission call to help and give and sacrifice their lives to share God’s love with our brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as reaching the unreached?

Would you join me in praying?

Father God ~
We know Your heart is breaking for your sweet children who are being murdered and tortured for their unwavering faith in You. We ask that You help them, give them strength, and courage, and comfort. We ask that You move us to do what we are called to do in Your name. Father, please help us do more and MORE and MORE for You. Protect the missionaries and send Your mighty angels to guard them and our beloved sisters and brothers in Christ. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen!

Would you join me in reading who needs help?

How can you help?

First and foremost:  Pray!

Second and just as important:  Give!

Open Doors is dedicated to helping persecuted Christians around the world.

Where help is needed~

Where help is needed~

Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East

Voice of the Martyrs

Samaritan’s Purse

Thirdly:  Support Missions who bring Christ’s message of grace, love, and forgiveness to the unreached:

Love for the Least 

Heart for Missions ~ a list


I am grateful for those of you who are joining me in this quest of doing MORE and MORE and MORE as we are called by God!  He loves us so much ~ no matter what!


Clean Eating/Real Food

Clean Eating

Clean Eating

I have been on a mission to find MY perfect eating plan.  I’ve looked at Paleo and it’s not a totally great fit for me.  Plus, to be honest, the whole “cave man” thing is not in my belief system, so I don’t follow it and cannot promote it.  There are, however, some good recipes so I scan the Paleo sites from time to time.

I believe that if we can find healthy non GMO grains and legumes, and do not have an allergy to them, we should eat them.  I cannot eat wheat, so I like looking for grain free sites, as well.  Let your body be your guide.  If you feel better after eating it ~ there you go!  If you feel worse?  You know the answer.  :) Pray and ask for God’s most awesome guidance on how to heal and eat to feel great.

Here are some sites (not in any particular order!) that I have found to be helpful on my clean eating journey.  I will add more sites for you to explore as I discover them.  Let food be your medicine!  I hope and pray that this information helps you!  God loves you so much.  :)

Against All Grain

Clean Cuisine

Paleo Grubs

The Hunger Fix

Skinny Ms.

Whole Foods New Body

100 Days of Real Food

Whole 30


Depression ~ Alternative Treatments

God's Healing Power

God’s Healing Power

I’ve recently had some up close and personal experience with depression in a beloved family member.  It has given me some insight that came through prayer and then research.  As you know, there are many different medications out there that help depression. I am not in any way saying that you should NOT be taking those medications if they are helping you.  What I am saying is that there those of us who are very chemically sensitive and do NOT do well on prescriptions drugs ~ any kind.  If you think you might be one of those people, then please read on.

I mentioned prayer in the beginning paragraph and I want to give God the credit for all of this information.  He led me on this journey of discovering alternative methods for treating depression.  Without Him, none of the healing that has occurred in my sweet family member would have happened.  Many, many people were praying for me and for all of us.  I am eternally grateful.  Praying is the very first thing that I need to do for any and all situations.  Asking for prayer is Number 2!

Amino Acid Therapy

~ What is it?

~ How do you begin?

~ How long does it take?

Personalized Amino Acid Therapy

“Amino acid therapy is a term used to describe the use of supplemental amino acids to help balance brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) and other aspects of the physiology. For this type of treatment to be most effective, it should include a specialized urinalysis test which provides a reliable means of measuring excretory values for neurotransmitters. From these findings an individualized amino acid supplementation is devised to improve the quantity and ratios of neurotransmitters in the brain.”  ~

Another resource is an article from the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine.

This website gives even more information on what amino acids do for neurotransmitters in the brain.

If you decide you would like to try amino acid therapy, search the internet for a physician who uses amino acids in his/her treatment plan.  I found a physician and we decided to go that route.  However, it is possible to be treated from home by sending in urine samples periodically and then having the doses “tweaked”.  Two of the links above also provide treatment plans.

It is not a fast process.  It can take weeks or months to see a difference.  

Please note:

In severe depression it is imperative that you seek professional help, AND call 911, or go to your nearest emergency room if it is life and death! Do NOT hesitate if you or a loved one are contemplating suicide.  *Link to signs and symptoms of severe and suicidal depression.

What we found in using amino acids is a balance in brain function that had been missing for years.  Counseling to determine the cause of the original depressive episode is also extremely beneficial.  If the cause is no longer present, then understanding why and how it happened can be very instrumental in prevention.  Depression can become a vicious cycle in the brain regarding neurotransmitters.  Bringing balance back in the brain is the FIRST step to feeling better your entire life.

Finally, when it comes to light what has caused the depression, working a 12 step program can be very helpful in moving on, letting go and letting God heal all those hurts inside you.  God, Christ and the Holy Spirit can heal us every where we hurt!



*Signs of Severe and Suicidal Depression:





Parenting Troubled Teens ~ “The Prodigal Child”

The Prodigal Child

By: Christianity Today International
More in Christian Parenting Today Bible Study Series

In this Bible Study offered at, parents are led through a discovery of what it means to have a child who has turned from God and, ultimately, what they can actually do about it. I love this study because we find out the truth!  What is that truth?  He wants us to work on OURSELVES which will lead to a closer relationship with Him.  That’s the GOAL, folks. It’s all about OUR walk with Him! When we get that lined out, everything else falls into place.

Then the amazing thing is that no matter the storm, He places us smack dab in the EYE.  It’s an awesome way to live.

Living in the Eye of the Storm

Living in the Eye of the Storm

Now am I saying that this will bring our children back to Him, also? It’s their choice.  However, when we are walking the Narrow Path several things start to happen.


  • We change and become more peaceful
  • We remain constant
  • We are no longer codependent
  • We have loving boundaries
  • We get out of the way and allow God to do His amazing work on our kids
  • We grow in our relationship with God and we trust that He will work on this 24/7 allowing us to REST!!!!
Step 2
Faith and Hope

We now begin to have faith and hope and we are grateful.  Thank You, Almighty God, for the amazing relationship You are waiting to build with us each and every day.  Help us seek You in all things. Help us be honest and grow our faith and hope.  In Jesus’ sweet name we pray.  Amen!